Our Home Planning Process

During our preliminary meeting, we discuss size and type of home you and your family might be considering. We can also aid you in finding the perfect homesite in one of our communities or in an area you were considering building a home.

We will then be able to pre-price your dream home with the options that are important to you and your family. We understand that every family has a budget and we work with you to make sure you are getting the most home for your money.

John Askew Company works with a plan designer that will incorporate your dreams and inspiration into your new home. We actually help and guide you through the design process.

John Askew Company has worked with our preferred lender for many years. Competitive rates, different financing options, and outstanding customer service make the lenders we recommend stand out from the rest.

Closing of your interim construction loan will happen in the next few weeks.

We will work with you to start the selection of material colors and finishes for your new home. You will get expert design advice on everything you are considering.

During our pre-construction meeting we make sure all last minute changes are incorporated and a thorough overview of the process will be covered. We take this time to educate you on what to expect during the construction period.

Several site walks will occur between you and the project manager over the next several months. John Askew Company believes in honest open communication. We want you to be involved in the process.

You are ready to move-in to your beautiful new home!

Financing Resources

We understand choosing a lender is one of the most important tasks when preparing to make a home purchase. Contact us here and we’ll help you find lenders that specialize in construction loans as well as conventional financing.

Smart Technology Options

The TV, cable, music, video game systems, surround sound and more can be synced to a tablet allowing you to avoid keeping track of five different remotes. With the help of cutting-edge technology John Askew Custom Homes can make this a reality.

You could also control and monitor curtains and drapes, lighting, security systems, and the temperature from a single tablet. Systems can be installed in your home to not only monitor how much energy you’re using but how much energy each individual outlet is using. This lets you monitor the energy levels everywhere in the home and if a specific outlet is using an unusual amount of energy you can investigate and find out why.

Integrating the technologies you use on a day to day basis into your custom built home will make your life simpler by providing you with the control you would have as if you were there when you’re miles away. If someone rings your doorbell you can see who it is while waiting for your flight in the airport.

Smart technology can make your home experience and lifestyle more efficient, convenient, and comfortable. Building your custom home with smart technology and John Askew Homes will give you a timeless and sustainable house for decades to come.

Wine Rooms and Cellars

Whether you want a section of your floor plan to be utilized for a wine rack or a dedicated room for a wine cellar we can bring your dream to life. Your collection of wine will live in luxury where they will be showcased, preserved, and protected, and storage space for additional wine will always be taken into consideration as well.

Do you like your wine chilled? Wine cellar cooling systems are another available option. We can help you find the right cooling system that is the right size to maintain the proper temperature and humidity for your entire collection. Wine coolers are another option if an entire cooling system is not to your liking.

At John Askew Custom Homes we can design and create a unique wine cellar that flows with the rest of your home. There is no design or budget too small for us to build. Even if you’re not the wine connoisseur and would like one for entertainment and aesthetic purposes we can find a design that fits you.