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Sustainable Construction

Energy efficient and sustainable homes are becoming more and more popular in the custom home building process. An increasing number of people are becoming more aware of how beneficial it is to the environment to have an eco-friendly house and for good reason. Investing in a durable and sustainable home is not only good for our environment it can benefit the homeowner as well.

Both my clients and I were impressed. John has put together a great team and you have been great to work with.

Carol Van Hook

At John Askew Custom Homes our goal is to provide you with top quality service and craftsmanship to build a creative, custom home that cuts back on costs by eliminating wasteful energy consumption. A sustainable home reduces the environmental impact it has over its entire lifetime while still enhancing the overall efficiency, durability, and comfort of your home.

In order to have a sustainable home you must look at the entire home building process. Methods and practices can be incorporated at every phase of the building process to cut back on waste and reduce energy consumption.

Here are a few practices to make your home more sustainable:

  • Green design and construction – this includes properly aligning your home to get the most out of window and overhang placement and recycling construction waste wherever possible to help cut down on costs.
  • Natural and recycled materials – options are available for recycled materials such as flooring and decking as well as choosing non-toxic paints and finishes that can create a healthier home my improving the indoor air quality.
  • Energy efficient construction – everything from drainage and rain water recycling to insulation is taken into consideration. We have several great options for insulation.

Our interior design team can offer creative ideas on how you can incorporate energy efficient appliances and products to minimize waste and lower energy costs. We want you to be as involved as much as possible so we can see clearly your vision for your dream home.

Sustainability is never forgotten in our home building process. At John Askew Company, uncompromised integrity, commitment to quality, and craftsmanship have defined how we’ve designed unique homes for every homeowner for the past 30 years.